Four years ago, I loaded everything I owned into my rickety 1997 Rav4 and drove 24 hours from my college in South Carolina (where I had just graduated) to Maine. I was following my college boyfriend to a new home with no job or friends, and while the relationship didn’t last, my new found love for Maine did. Since then, I have lived in four different Maine towns, acquired a few Mainer speech patterns and terms, and immersed myself into the culture of this breathtaking state. I’ve made friends with the truest Mainers who occasionally still poke fun at my lingering southern accent.

Emily Russell

Emily Russell

I work in Belfast for a healthcare technology company, but my true passions lie in writing, exploring, and teaching. Thankfully, I have found ways to incorporate these passions into my job, and now extending it through a weekly blog. On any typical weekend, you can find me catching up on the best TV shows, spending time with my boyfriend, Jacob, and his dog, or curled up at home with a book and my cat, Sherlock. I also try to spend as much time out in nature as possible, whether it be hiking or hunting for sea glass along one of Maine’s many beaches.

Through this blog, I hope to help native Mainers remember what an amazing state they live in by sharing my thoughts and experiences, as well as my own appreciation for where I live. I compare it to the feeling you get when you share a favorite book or movie with someone, and their excitement over it reignites your own. Sometimes we can forget to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, or we forgot all the little gifts our home can provide. I hope I can help remind you.

I recently stopped at a gas station need my house for some much-needed caffeine. Route 1 was insanely busy, a conglomeration of cars with license plates from a dozen different states. Apparently, it was a popular day for tourists. As the cashier rang me up, she asked if I was from away or a native. I laughed a little and replied, “Not a native, but I’ve lived here a while…And I don’t plan on leaving.”